Fee Schedule

Share Draft Account Fees

Secure Checking Fee $2.95 per month (Effective October 1, 2014)
Overdraft fee $5.00 per item
NSF fee $30.00 per item
Stop Payment fee $20.00 per request
Copy of Paid Draft fee $3.00 per draft  (free online)
Share Draft Printing fee Prices may vary depending upon style
Statement Copy (archived copies)  $1.00 per page
Fees subject to change without notice.

Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Deposited Item Return fee $30.00 per item
Money order fee $2.00 per $1,000
Replace Membership Card fee $1.00
Replace Debit Card fee $10.00
Replace Visa Card fee $10.00
Replace Payment Book $5.00
Account Closure $5.00 if account is closed within 12 months
Certified Check $3.00
Deposited Return Item $30.00
Copy of Official Check  $5.00
VISA Gift Card $2.50
Reloadable Cards $5.00
Overnight Mail Fee $20.00
Official Check - Non-Member $5.00
Check Cashing $3.00 for members with inactive checking or aggregate balances less than $300.00
Loan Late Fee 5.0% of payment after 10 day grace period
Skip A Pay $35.00 per loan
Loan Admin $100.00 - Finance TopMark loan for a lower rate 
Mortgage Processing $20.00
Bill Pay $4.95 if no activity for 90 days
IRA Closing $25.00 Under 59 1/2
Copies .10 after first 10 copies free

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

Over the Phone Payment by Check, Credit Card or Debit Card $5.95
Wire Transfer  (outgoing) $20.00 
Wire Transfer   (Foreign) $30.00 
ACH/ATM/Share Draft Overdraft  $5.00
Stop Payment  ACH/Share Draft  $20.00
NSF ACH/ATM/Share Draft/ACH Origination $30.00