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Car Insurance Verification

What are the insurance requirements for an Auto Loan?
Any auto/truck/RV or secured loan funded by TopMark FCU must have the following insurance requirements in place.  If the proper coverage is not placed on the vehicle, the credit union reserves the right to force place insurance on your loan.

Auto Loan Insurance Requirements
Auto loans with TopMark Federal Credit Union are required to carry auto insurance (please provide us with proof of insurance coverage with the following minimum criteria – via declaration page or binder):

  • Full coverage (comprehensive and collision) – limited coverage not permissible
  • Up to $1,000 deductibles allowed
  • Borrower must be listed as the covered driver
  • No excluded drivers on policy
  • Lienholder must reflect TopMark Federal Credit Union, 1511 N. Main St.  Lima, OH 45801   within 30 days of loan closing

 Providing Proof of Auto Insurance Coverage

It is important to maintain sufficient insurance on your vehicle during the duration of your secured loanIf for some reason we do not receive this information, you may be contacted by mail to help secure proof of insurance.

If Unable to Provide Proof of Auto Insurance

If we do not receive proof of insurance on your vehicle, we will provide an alternate form of Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) on your vehicle that protects the loan with TopMark FCU. The premium for this policy is added to the existing loan and payments will be increased to cover this additional balance owed.  If this happens, you will be notified, and at any time during the life of your loan, it can be removed once proper proof of insurance is obtained.   This force-placed insurance only covers our interest in the collateral and does not satisfy legal insurance requirements for drivers and homeowners.

You can now conveniently submit your insurance information online with our partner, Insurance Systems Incorporated.  You can use this simple tool during the initial loan process, if you receive a notice requesting insurance information, or any time that you change insurance companies.

Before starting the insurance verification process, please have your insurance declarations page and any notice that you received in the mail readily available.
To update your insurance information please Click Here.