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 Welcome to TopMark Federal Credit Union!


If you  have any products that have the name Beacon Mutual Federal Credit Union on them, you will no longer be able to use it.  All checks, ATM cards and VISA credit cards are not longer active. Please contact Member Services to order TopMark checks so are not charged.  TopMark's routing number is 2412795 64. You will need to contact us to obtain your account number.

IDProtect® is an Identity Theft Protection Service for TopMark FCU & Eligible Family Members!  This feature is only $2.95 and is deducted from your checking account monthly.  A letter regarding our Secure Checking with IDProtect was mailed out in June.

These benefits are offered to you, your joint account holders and eligible family members*

1. Credit File Monitoring – daily credit file monitoring and automated alerts of key changes to your Experian, TransUnion and Equifax credit reports (registration/activation required)
2. 3-in-1 Credit Report - request new 3-in-1 report every 90 days or upon receipt of credit alert
registration/activation required)

3. Credit Score - receive new single bureau credit score with every new credit report (registration/activation required)
4. Total Identity Monitoring – continuous monitoring of over 1,000 databases (registration/activation required)
5. Debit and Credit Card Registration
6. Fully Managed Identity Theft Resolution Service
7. Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement Coverage
**Bonus Coverage: Mobile Phone Protection

Please click here for more detailed information - if you would like information on how to enroll in all of these great features, we can email or mail you instructions.

If this is something you are not interested in, you may opt out of the Secured Checking, and we can change the account to our Classic Checking - with no monthly service charge.


How to Select Credit using your Chip (EMV) MasterCard® Debit Card
The truth is, when using your MasterCard® Debit Card choosing between credit and debit has nothing to do with the type of card, but rather the type of transaction.  Choosing “credit” doesn’t actually mean credit card; the money is still deducted right from your checking account.  

How to Select Credit using your Chip (EMV) MasterCard® Debit Card.  When the screen ask for your PIN, you will typically select the green key on the key pad (or ask the cashier how to process as a credit).  We recommend selecting credit when you use your card.  This gives you security protection that help prevent, detect and resolve fraud.  This makes credit the safer option.

2018 Newsletter

IDProtect® is an exclusive benefit for members with a TopMark Secure Checking Account.

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