10 and done mortgage

10 - Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

One Step Closer to Owning Your Own Home

Our 10 & Done Loan now gives you more options when buying or refinancing with a rate that beats our traditional 15, 20, and 30-year mortgage offerings. 

It's a new definition of house work. Your house works for you.

For years, you've worked to build up the value of your home. You've made many repairs, an upgrade or two, and a big dent in your original loan amount. Now, you can use all that equity to get a low-cost, 10-Year Mortgage. With the extra cash, you can consolidate high-interest debt or just have a little extra for the nicer things in life.

The 10 & Done loan is perfect for those who have a low balance with their current mortgage and don’t want to pay higher costs by refinancing. You can also free up your home’s equity and use that money however you wish.  Just like traditional mortgages, the 10 & Done gives you the option of having an escrow account that makes paying your insurance and taxes automatic.


Key Benefit of 10-year Fixed Rate Mortgage

With a 10-year fixed rate mortgage, home buyers not only can pay off their debt sooner, they will also pay less interest on the money they borrow. Ten-year loans generally have lower interest rates than longer-term mortgages, plus the interest accrues over a shorter period of time. This can save home buyers thousands of dollars in interest. 

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