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TopMark History

The first meeting of the Lima Public School Employees Federal Credit Union was held at 3:45 p.m. on February 19, 1963 at Lima Senior High.  The following members were elected on the Board of Directors.

Donald H. Miller   -  President

Leelan Rehn        -  Vice President

Walter H. Martin   -  Treasurer

Alice Boyer          -  Secretary

Eleanor French

Harry Gross

Edith Moyer

Roderick Ross

Lynn Whitney

December 31, 1963:  End of first year assets of $4,483 & total members 142.

June 20, 1967:  Lima Public Employees Federal Credit Union changed their name to Limalco Schools Federal Credit Union.  Limalco stands for Lima and Allen County.

January 1990:  Limalco moved from a two room office located between two homes on East Eureka & Metcalf Street to 1511 N. Main St.  Limalco was 2.6 million in assets.

April 1996:  Westinghouse EFCU merged with TopMark FCU.  Westinghouse had assets of approximately 2 million. Their office on C Street became our first Branch office.  

March 2005: TopMark went from a closed charter serving only school employees and their families to a community charter Credit Union serving Allen & Auglaize Counties.

September 2005: Limalco FCU changed our name to TopMark FCU.  We tried to maintain our name to reflect our heritage as a schools credit union using "TopMark" straight from the class room.

October 2006:   The Shawnee office moved from C Street (a trailer) to our new Shawnee office located at 3800 S. Dixie. We had two employees.     

October 2008:  Added a Mortgage Department at our Shawnee Location - 3800 S.Dixie Hwy.   

October 1, 2013:  Merged with Lima OH Employees Postal Credit Union.  They had approximately three million in assets.   

December 2016:  TopMark has assets over 29 million and 13 employees.

March 2017:  Purchased Former Chase Bank in Cridersville, OH

March 2018:   Merged with Beacon Mutual Federal Credit Union.  Beacon MFCU has approximately 1900 members and 13 million in assets.