Financial Relief

Financial Relief

Life can sometimes take unexpected turns that make it difficult to pay monthly bills. If you’ve lost your job, been through a divorce or suffered illness, and find you are having a hard time making your TopMark FCU loan payments, we encourage you to call us for help.

Call TopMark Federal Credit Union if you need to discuss your options.

TopMark believes in people helping people and is doing everything we can to help you. We take our role as your credit union seriously and our dedicated team provides one-to-one assistance to those in financial distress. We will review your situation to help find the best options for you.  Here are some questions to assess your need for assistance:

  • Do you have current loans at TopMark?
  • Are you at risk of your car being repossessed?
  • Are you facing foreclosure on your home loan?
  • Are you facing an unexpected loss of income?
  • Are you unable to pay your monthly bills?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the questions above, please contact the credit union! The sooner you notify TopMark, the easier it is to work toward a financial solution


TopMark wants to keep you on our Loan

We understand financial hardships come and go, making it difficult to make your loan payments on time. It's important to consider all available options before risking possible foreclosure or repossession.

We offer a Financial Relief Program to help you stay in your loan and make payments more affordable.

We offer a modified loan term to make payments more affordable or manageable after successfully making payments during a “trial period” (e.g., completing a three-month trial period plan) that requires three months of consecutive monthly modified payments.  After this trial period, we can permanently modify your loan so that your payments or terms are more manageable as a permanent solution.  When you modify a loan, you’ll still have the same loan, just with different terms.

Get Through Tough Times with TopMark FCU 

If you’ve experienced a life event that has left you in financial hardship, loan modifications are a good way to keep your head above water.  Our lending advisors will be happy to help you modify loans, or refinance your loans, so you have some financial security.