Shared Branching

Free Access to Your Money, Almost Anywhere

Visit a TopMark office and perform all your banking.  Yes, you can do transactions from other credit unions at a TopMark branch!   

We are YOUR LOCAL credit union but we are NATIONWIDE when it comes to convenience with branches and ATMs. We partner with other credit unions to be part of the Co-Op Shared Branch Network. It gives you access to over 5,600 branches and nearly 35,000 surcharge-free ATMs. 

That’s more branches than Bank of America, PNC or US Bank!
That’s right, your Credit Union has more branches than Bank of America.

With shared branching, credit unions from all over the country share facilities to give members thousands of convenient locations to perform transactions just as if they were in their home credit union. Whether you are at work, home, or your favorite travel destination, your credit union is always nearby.


What you need when you enter a Shared Branch location:

  • Your home credit union's name
  • Your account number
  • Valid unexpired government-issued photo identification, i.e., State Driver's license, US Passport, or Military identification
Shared branching offers convenience and expanded service to TopMark Credit Union members. The concept is simple—members can access their accounts and take advantage of nearly all traditional branch service at over 5,300 participating locations nationwide, and 35,000+ surcharge free ATMs. The following are some of the services available at shared branching locations:
  • Deposit and Withdrawals
  • Transfers between Accounts
  • Account / Loan Inquiries
  • Loan Payments
  • History Printouts
  • Extended hours of access
  • And many more


Shared branching is ideal for TopMark members who travel on business or pleasure, have children away at college, or relocate out of state. It is easy and convenient for most any situation!
  • More Information on Shared Branching: To find a convenient shared branching location, or surcharge free ATM look for the CO-OP Logo at a Credit Union near you. You can also visit to search or download Branches/ATMs to your GPS, or call 1-888-SITE-CO-OP (888-748-3266) for more information.

Click Here to Download the Co-Op Shared Branch Locator Mobile App for iPhone.

Click Here to Download the Co-Op Shared Branch Locator Mobile App for Android.