Switch Kit

Interested in taking advantage of all the benefits that membership at TopMark?

TopMark will help you make the switch as easy as 1… 2… 3… 4!

Our Four Step Switch Kit will help you get organized and alleviate the concern that may be associated with changing financial institutions. We are here to make your transition easy and convenient!

As a member of TFCU you will enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Free Mobile App  
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Online Bill Pay*
  • Free Text Alerts 
  • IDProtect®
  • And much, much more!

TFCU’s Member Service Representatives are available to offer quality advice and assistance in helping you make the transition.


Step 1: Get Organized. Follow our easy step by step form to make the process fast and convenient.

Step 2: Change Your Direct Deposit. Complete and print out the Direct Deposit Form. Take the completed form to your employer’s HR or payroll department. On payday you can check your account online with Online Banking or on our Mobile App to make sure your Direct Deposit is in your new TFCU account.

Step 3: Change Your Automatic Withdrawals. If you have automatic withdrawals from your old account (car payments, gym memberships, iTunes, etc.) you will need to transfer these to your new TFCU account. Complete and print out the Change Automatic Withdrawals Form.

Step 4: Close Your Old Bank Account. After making sure that all checks, transactions and automatic withdrawals have been cleared from your old account, print out the Account Closing Form and mail or deliver to your old financial institution.

Questions? Visit your local branch of TopMark Federal Credit Union, or contact us by phone with questions. 


*There is a $4.95 fee unless you use your bill pay account at least once every 90 days.