Bill Pay in your control * Secure * All in One Place * Easy Choose plus Select equals Relax  Select what bills to pay.  Chose how much and when.  Sit back you're done

When you have online bill pay, you’ll have more time to enjoy life. Here’s how it gives you the freedom.

  • Receive and pay your bills securely online, all in one place
  • Make payments anywhere, anytime directly from your checking account
  • Track payment history and account balances at a glance
  • Receive helpful email or text reminders when bills are due
  • Save money every month on stamps and checks
  • Guard against identity theft by receiving and paying bills online instead of by unsecured mail 

To learn more about using your Online Bill Pay,  view this helpful step-by-step demo.

Pay a person

Pay a Person:
This convenient feature allows you to make person-to-person payments electronically to anyone you choose, such as a landlord, babysitter or relative. Click Here

Transfer money

Transfer Money:
This useful feature allows you to securely and easily transfer funds electronically from one deposit account to another. Click Here


This helpful feature allows you to easily send a gift check or charitable donation from your online bill pay account. Click Here