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Skip your November OR December payment! 

What is Skip-a-Pay? The Skip-A-Pay Program gives you the option to defer a monthly payment on an eligible loan to the end of the loan term. We advance your payment due date and your maturity date (for example on a 48-month loan, if one payments skipped, you make 48 payments over 49 months).

The borrower (member) and all co-borrowers must sign this request form. Return it to a TFCU Branch. 

  • All TFCU loans must be current and in good standing.
  • Interest will continue to accrue during the period to be skipped, which will extend the term of the loan.
  • Program does not apply to mortgage loans, home equity loans, Revolving Line of Credit, Visa credit cards, Payday Alternative Loans or mobile home loans.  
  • A $35.00 fee will be charged with each Skip A Payment.

Ready to Skip? To request to skip your loan payment, you may:

1. Visit a branch OR
2. Print, fill out and mail or fax in the Skip A Pay Form!

Participating Information

By signing, I authorize TopMark FCU to advance my loan payment due date by one month and understand this will extend the maturity date of my loans(s).  A fee of $35 will be assessed per loan.  This offer does not apply to real estate secured loans, credit cards, payday, mobile homes or lines of credit.  All credit union loans must be current at the time of request.  Interest and any charges for disability, and/or life insurance will continue to accrue for any skipped month. Offer limited to two (2) skips per calendar year.  Secured loans are limited to six (6) skips over the life of the loan. If the loan includes Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), skipping a loan payment will reduce any GAP claim that is filed during the life of the loan. Refer to your GAP contract for applicable limits. This offer only applies to any loans that are refinanced or originated at least six (6) months prior to the skip a pay request date.