Holiday Skip A Pay     

Take a Break from Your Loan Payment

Would skipping a loan payment make managing your monthly budget just a little bit easier?
For many, even a couple extra hundred dollars can free up some extra cash. That’s why we offer our Skip-a-Pay program.

How it Works 

If you choose to skip a payment, your current due date will be advanced one month forward, just as if you paid. Interest will continue to accrue on your loan during the skipped payment period and your loan maturity date will be advanced one month forward. All terms and conditions will remain the same and you'll resume your next regular payment. It’s that easy!

*For best results, please verify eligibility with a TopMark Representative prior to submitting your Skip-A-Payment form. 


Are you eligible?

  • You must be in good standing (not delinquent) on any TopMark accounts.
  • Loan must be current or in the grace period. 
  • Loan must be open for a minimum of 6 months prior to the skipped payment.


Non-Qualified Loans

Reward TopMark VISA®, all Estate Secured Loans, PayDay loans, Mobile Home loans or overdraft lines of credit, and loans included in a Bankruptcy are not eligible for Skip-a-Payment.


Ready to Skip? To request to skip your loan payment, you may:

1. Visit a branch OR
2. Print, fill out and, mail, email, or fax in the Skip A Pay Form!

Participating Information

By signing, I authorize TopMark FCU to advance my loan payment due date by one month and understand this will extend the maturity date of my loan(s).  A fee of $35 will be assessed per loan.  Interest and any charges for disability and/or life insurance will continue to accrue for any skipped month. 
Offer limited to two (2) skips per calendar year.  Secured loans are limited to six (6) skips over the life of the loan. If the loan includes Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), skipping a loan payment will reduce any GAP claim filed during the loan's life.  Refer to your GAP contract for applicable limits. This offer only applies to any loan
refinanced or originated at least six (6) months before the skip-a-pay request date.