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TopMark exists solely to serve our members, not stockholders.

Every dollar you invest in TopMark is reinvested
in you, in the form of high deposit rates and low loan rates.


Discover a Better Way to Bank.

People always ask, is there really a difference between a credit union and a bank? The answer is yes - especially at TopMark FCU!  As a member, you have access to many of the same services a bank offers - but we go above and beyond what you expect from a financial institution. We help you and your family through every stage of life, giving you the tools and services you need to live happier, more financially secure lives.  

We're your trusted neighbor.  Your Credit Union.    

Sure, our name is on the door of any branch you walk in to, but truly it’s your credit union. That’s not fluff, that’s fact. Your success is our success.   We are a local, member-owned credit union.

 Credit Unions


Credit Unions Have Members.
Credit Unions were established to help members save money and become financially secure.

Banks Have Customers.
As for-profit entities, the goal of banks is to make money for stockholders. 

Profits Are Returned To Members.
Profits are returned to members, through better rates and lower fees

Profits Go To Stockholders.
Bank earnings go to stockholders, who own the bank.

Credit Unions are Local.
Credit Unions are local financial institutions and support their local community.

Banks can be Huge.
The largest banks are national or international in scope, having less of a connection to the local community.

Credit Union Leadership.
Credit unions are overseen by a board of directors, democratically elected by the members. One Member. One Vote.


Joining is Easy

Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, or attends school in Allen or Auglaize counties. 
An initial deposit of $5 is held in your TopMark savings account for your required membership.  


Family Membership

Did you know that once you become a member of TopMark Federal Credit Union, your immediate family members can also join with the same benefits of credit union membership. 

Immediate family members are the primary members’ spouse, children, parents, brother, sister, stepparent, stepchild, grandchild, or grandparent.
Other individuals who are unrelated but live in the same household as members also qualify.  


How to Join:

In person at either of our branch locations, or start the process online.

Required Documentation:

We will need proof of identification which may include one of the following forms of identification:

  • Driver's license
  • Valid US Government identification
  • State-issued photo identification

Your new account card will need to be signed in front of a member service representative.