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Board of Directors Annual Election Notice

There are two (2) director positions open for election in 2020. The Nominating Committee has nominated one member for each board position to be filled. The two (2) positions, the terms for each position, and the nominees are as follows:

  • Position 1 (term: 2020 – 2023)   —   Richard Hensley,  Incumbent Director
  • Position 2 (term: 2020 – 2023)   —   Jill Briem, Incumbent Director​

Participate in the Credit Union Movement:

Serving as a volunteer on your credit union Board of Directors is a great way to participate in the democracy that makes us different and unique from other financial institutions. A credit union Director has a great deal of responsibility requiring serious candidates with the qualifications to serve effectively. 

If you are a member in good standing with TopMark Federal Credit Union, and meet the minimum qualifications listed below, you may submit a request for nomination. 

Qualifications & Director Responsibilities 

  • Being a member in good standing of the Credit Union
  • Availabiity to attend monthy Board meetintgs, committee meetings, strategic planning sessions and training meetings 
  • Willingness to serve as a volunteer without compensation 
  • Enthusiam and interest in the continued successful operation of TFCU and the credit union movement.

Application for Board of Directors of TopMark Federal Credit Union: Click Here!

Board of Directors

  • LaDoyt Martz, President
  • Howard Foltz, Vice Chair
  • Jill Briem, Secretary
  • Martin McCaslin, Director
  • Richard Hensley, Director
  • Jack Bevilockway, Director