Board of Directors Annual Election Notice

There are one (1) director position open for election in 2021. 

Participate in the Credit Union Movement:

Serving as a volunteer on your credit union Board of Directors is a great way to participate in the democracy that makes us different and unique from other financial institutions. A credit union Director has a great deal of responsibility requiring serious candidates with the qualifications to serve effectively. 

If you are a member in good standing with TopMark Federal Credit Union, and meet the minimum qualifications listed below, you may submit a request for nomination. 

Qualifications & Director Responsibilities 

  • Being a member in good standing of the Credit Union
  • Availabiity to attend monthy Board meetintgs, committee meetings, strategic planning sessions and training meetings 
  • Willingness to serve as a volunteer without compensation 
  • Enthusiam and interest in the continued successful operation of TFCU and the credit union movement.

Application for Board of Directors of TopMark Federal Credit Union: Click Here!

Board of Directors

  • LaDoyt Martz, President
  • Howard Foltz, Vice Chair
  • Jill Briem, Secretary
  • Martin McCaslin, Director
  • Darrell Ball, Treasurer 
  • Jack Bevilockway, Director