Payday Alternative Loan (PALs)

Now offering PALS.  PayDay Alternative Loans Break the cycle

Have You Ever Thought One More Paycheck Would Make All the Difference?

If you have a high-interest loan from a payday lender, title lender, or even a pawn shop — contact TopMark or visit a branch to find out if you qualify for an affordable loan with regular monthly payments.


Don't Fall Deeper into Debt with Hidden Interest Fees

Installment or payday loans can be deceptively expensive. Customers are pushed by predatory lenders to renew their loans over and over again. The practice of payday lending is slowly being regulated out of existence, but it's unclear where people with modest means will find short-term loans instead. That's why we developed our safe, affordable Payday Alternative Loans.

We all face times in our lives when money is tight and we need cash to tie us over until the next payday.  When unforeseen financial emergencies arise, the last thing you need is to be taken advantage of by a lender who is motivated by profit, not your well-being. 

Payday Alternative Loan Requirements:

  • Applicant must be a member and employed for at least 90-days.
  • Loans from $200 - $1,000
  • Maximum term: 30 - 180 days
  • 21% APR
  • Member must have verifiable income 
  • Financial counseling available and encouraged at no additional charge.  The borrower is encouraged to view the financial counseling recources through MoneyEd


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