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Shared Branching

Nearly 30,000 ATMs.   Over 5,000 Branches Just look for the Co--Op Logo Find One near you now. Map to your No Surcharge ATMs

We now have over 323 Ohio Branches!
Even if you work in another county, you'll be pleased to know that TopMark FCU, along with over 1,300 other credit unions, offer services to you at more than 5,000 locations across 44 states and five foreign countries. By sharing, TopMark FCU gives you the personal service you've come to expect from your credit union, whether you're across town or thousands of miles away from home.

Click here to find locations  
On your phone? Click here to find a location on the mobile website. And yes, we have an app for that. iPhone users click here. Android users click here.

What does this mean to you?
More convenience! As a TopMark FCU member, you'll be able to use Credit Union Shared Branching locations or Credit Union Service Centers to conduct your credit union business when you are unable to visit a TopMark location. Shared branching means a fully-staffed office where you can conduct your credit union business with real people.

What is a Credit Union Service Center?
It is a "shared" facility cooperatively owned by participating credit unions. Credit Union Service Centers have convenient hours Monday through Friday and Saturdays. Hours are listed on the website.

What transactions can you do at a Credit Union Service Center?
You can make deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries, and transfers. You can also get a loan advance, cash checks, and purchase money orders or travelers checks.

How do you find out if there is a location near you or your travel destination?
Log on to the website to search by state. It'll display all the locations that are available.

What information do I need to conduct a transaction?
You must have unexpired state or government issued identification. You must indicate that you are a TopMark FCU member, and have your account number.

Will fees be assessed for transactions conducted at Shared Facilities?
This convenience is provided to you with no transaction charge. Applicable Money Order and Travelers Checks fees may apply.

Can I conduct a transaction at an ATM?
Shared branching transactions cannot be conducted at the ATM. Transactions must be conducted at a participating Credit Union Service Center.